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I'm Sara.


Clients of note.

I'm Sara Stenman, a product photographer from Sweden and the person behind Studio Solero.

In 2015 I made the big move across the world to Melbourne, Australia where I live today together with my partner Adrian, and our 13 indoor plants.


Photography has always been a hobby of mine. It all started with nature & travel photography after I borrowed my dads old DSLR camera. That quickly developed into portrait and fashion photography, forcing my closest friends in school to be my model. But it wasn't until years later, when covid came along and I was out of work, that I decided to pick up my camera again and start my own business.

Solero (So-le-ro) was my favorite ice cream growing up. Think - vanilla ice cream with mango swirls covered in a tangy exotic fruit sorbet. To me Solero reminds me of my childhood - long bright summer nights in Sweden, bike rides to the lake, running barefoot on the grass & consuming way too many ice creams. 

So I decided to name my photography business & studio after something that warms my heart with good memories and happiness.

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